Sunday, September 28, 2008

Herding Tips From Akachan For ADD Humans

Okay. So it's an odd way to start a blog perhaps, but figure got to start somewhere. I have ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder - though it makes for some interesting quirks in learning heavy detailed courses in college, I try to overcome them.

Somehow, bless my mutt, Akachan figured out how to 'herd' me to tend to her needs. Unlike my husband who will bug me just because, Akachan only pesters me when she wants or needs something. Since she first came home at eight weeks old, Akachan picked up quick that her herding instincts would save some frustration for the both of us.

So from Akachan's point of view here's the list:

1) Get Eccentric Lady's attention. Growl-Talking usually works best from behind. Most effective when she's at the computer...

2) Stay with her. She's prone to distractions!

3) Crap, phone rang or some other form of interruption. Stay with her and get eye contact. Little coaxing via tail wagging to get her back on task.

4) Down the stairs, following her - ensure she gets to the door. Almost there...

5) Why couldn't she remember to switch the laundry over after taking me out? *sigh* Screw eye contact and tail wagging - time to get pushy. Start the sneeze fest!

6) She apologizes and picks up the leash. Hooray! About time! Quick stretch, and then sitting for the leash.

7) Outside and time to take care of business. Back inside for a treat. : )

It's a shame Akachan can't coax me to keep focus for other areas in life that I tend to have complications in, but at least don't have both of us upset for messes in the house that I feel I'd be partially to blame for.


  1. My cat just pounces on my head. Or moans.

  2. Ella,

    You seem to be less work then me apparently - or better trained by your cat. )

  3. Well when your cat POUNCES ON YOUR HEAD you tend to pay attention.
    Plus when I say 'moans' I mean absolutely caterwauling forever until you give in. This is not a natural noise for a cat to make. He'll stop for all of 5 seconds if I yell at him.

  4. LOL You guys are funny. My pups will whine/talk if they want my attention or want something, but that's about it. Of course, they have each other too, so maybe they don't need as much attention as they would if they were the only one. Anyways, great post E_L :)