Thursday, October 16, 2008

There's the finish line....oh, whoops, it's over there!

*sigh* Mentally that's me these days, feel like I'm running about on many different tracks of thought and when I see that finish line, I trip over it, and do a spectacular face plant in it. Of course when I'm running more then one track of thought at the same time, the tripping leave me pretty much mummy wrapped in the finish line tape and honestly can't say I truly finish that race until I get myself untangled. Don't mind the nervous chuckle, really, it's just my warped sense of humor out to play until the next distraction. Maybe soon I'll actually get back on a semi-normal sense of focus, but for now let's see what tracks I have been running on - *wince* - not in any special order of importance, here they are:

Dental. Yup, that temporary filling I had put in a couple days of a go that was suppose to hold me over the appointment this last Monday came out. Monday came, the dentist thanked me for taking most of it out jokingly until he got a closer look at that tooth - why the filling fell out was I ate something that cracked the tooth in twain. So I can un-scratch that off the list - that tooth is no where closer to being 'done' now. Needs more work now!

Halloween. I'm falling behind on this one - or am I? - for the decorations aren't out yet, but at least I got some candy and the little treat bags. But they're needing to be filled and 'fore I can do that I need to get some trinkets to put in there - little glow in the dark snakes or some such. For just little bags full of candy is so plain. Speaking of such, need to get more candy - can't have treat bags with no chocolate!

(And yes, isn't that kitten just cute? Moving right a long... Yes, thanks for noticing I'm a fan of

Where was I? Okay, um, Dental, Halloween, oh yeah - school! I'm currently taking classes online with the Art Institute Online (Division of Art Institute of Pittsburgh) for a degree in Game Art & Design. For the current class that I'm in the assignment was to design a character and for me I thought I'd take an idea I had since I was like twelve for she's cute and a way to relieve stress. *raspberry* Apparently my instructor for this course has a twisted sense of humor and decided that we need to work on someone else's. So someone gets my little cutesy Zumple to work on and I got to work on their psychopath. So much for combining stress relief and homework, eh? I'll draw one and post it later.

Then of course, naturally, there's more: housework - one room down, the rest of the house to go; the whole Hubby getting medically discharged from the military scene; and other random bits but they're lost in the shuffle...

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  1. Whew! Too much going on in your mind at the same time.. Left me confused and stressed out too.


    But nice site!