Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finding "luck" is for those mindful of details...

I have found a way to deal with Akachan and her old lady gossip way of walking. Yes, my dog views walking very much like I see reading blogs or billeting boards on the web - much to see (or sniff) and usually leave a reply behind. I usually can tell if it's a good doggie 'post' if Akachan needs a good tug on the leash to continue the walk!

Yes, funny way to see it, I suppose, but scientists say dog's markings leaves behind the message of sex, age, and current mood. So prolly personal ads might be closer to canine equivalent, but I don't view those unless they're being so candidly dissected by Weasel of Why Women Hate Men.

With the spring comes the return of clovers - and as I'm letting Akachan do her 'reading' - I'll look for the deviance in the pattern - the lucky four leaf clover. So far I've spotted and picked three of them this year, and for me they're simple to spot. I don't need to bend over to look at the clovers that closely either. But usually I'm not allotted a lot of time on viewing the patch - before she gets finished with that particular post and then replies. (I moderate her replies all the time, for no one likes to get the troll or flame posts on their shoes! Those get bagged for the trash can. But it gets my goat all the time that dogs go for their walk and the owners don't clean up after them - it makes me wonder if they are also trollish on the web? We all have heard how pets do reflect their owners...)

Am I superstitious? Maybe a tad, for it's kind of whimsy fun with the four leaf clovers. When I find one, that's when I bend down for a closer look - for sometimes the four leaf clover is a fluke - two leaves on the top of the stem with a considerable space between another two leaves. I don't pick those for I don't want to have a funky spin on my luck - well, more then it usually does! But since it's good luck to give them away, I usually press them when I get home so I can make a "A bit O'Luck" card with them to mail to friends and family. More of a whimsy deal, true, but sometimes just letting someone know you wish they were having a better time can make them feel less stressed.

Rather funny how good luck is to be found by those observant of details. By no means, just because I'm good at appreciating details doesn't mean I'm good at following them. Give me a form to fill out and better not be a single copy is all I have to say - I have a horrid time with providing details. Drawing tends to be my one of my hobbies, but completing a drawing - adding all the details - tends to be a rarity due to my focus wanes or I get frustrated for what I see somehow gets jumbled on translation to paper. Writing on the other hand, has been greatly appreciated by modern technology - I type just about as fast as I think it. If I had to still write it down, I can do it, but it's in pencil for a very good reason since my thoughts tend to race faster then my fingers can jot them down.

Perhaps I need to practice drawing and handwriting more - don't mind the involuntary shudder there - so I can be less intimidated by all that blank space paper can have. Forms tend to carry the same tendency of dread for me, but they want details in certain spots - hence the rub. I'm bad on dates and some forms get all screwy for they want the information on top of the little label for the blank space - or below it. These are reasons why I feel like strangling some form makers sometimes - have it one way or the other for all the forms. I sometimes wonder if these people need a person with learning disabilities to critique these doggone things - it'd save on paper, embarrassment, and frustration. For giving me five or six different forms with the designated blanks marked differently is not the best way for me to kill time before seeing the doctor or whatever/whomever those bloody things are needed for.

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  1. LOL Oh, yeah, you do type as you think. And you sound, on here, JUST like you do in person, talking. A little over here, a little over there, coming back over here, jumping there. LOL It's amusing to me, though I known your thoughts doing that is very frustrated to you. And just in case you're a little mad about me laughing on here...oh! look! your bird feeder is empty! Poor birds.