Thursday, November 19, 2009

Logic...and other things.

This class I'm in, Logic, seems to be a bit of a challenge for me. Maybe for a variety of different reasons (scattered focus, divergent thinker versus analytical) it's almost like learning another language. Almost. Japanese tended to be more fun though. I think I might have remembered enough from my high school years though to make a good fool of myself. Then anyone who knows me would argue that's very easy for me to do - I don't mind making fun of myself afterall.

My last class was for designing interior and exteriors for gaming. Very fun class and challenging. Posted the final of my interior - the exterior wasn't my favorite, so bleh on showing it. LOL Both though was a lot of work, but a word of advice in 3ds Max - group, clone/copy, and paste is your friend! In interiors it seems easier to get by with a symmetrical look then exteriors though and may be why I like the interior so much. I need to make some characters though for my portfolio though, and that'll be interesting to say the least.

But jumping back to the Logic topic, I think part of it is not having my book in front of me. I have it coming in the mail and the needed chapter for the first week downloaded - but I guess reading it on screen doesn't quite help it sink in as well as having pages to turn. (Could also be the tabs I have up reading on commenting on various blogs to boot. Just maaybe..)

But I guess in Logic I best be gettin' well acquainted in scrutizing the details - for how it's said and what is said is what hangs arguments or make them viable. For it's all good to have premises for an argument, but if the conculsion doesn't jive then it's just so much smoke. Coming to think about that I wonder how many arguments I've read about or heard would fail if really examined? Curious train of thought, eh?


  1. wowie on the interior!!!

    ROTFLMBO - the tabs for blogs!

    I don't envy you the logic class - good luck!

  2. Eccentric_Lady, you're much better at logic then you give yourself credit for. You know how to explain things to me in a way I can understand. You also give logical and constructive feedback. I like that. This would help people alot in the world.