Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can have focus?

I'll admit there's a lot of things going through my mind right now, and while that might be the norm for me some of it seems to be a bit staggering to contemplate.

Oh where to start....for basically started up earlier this week and the momentum has not shown any signs of slowing down yet. The fun rub would be trying to organize it, but if anything was learned about myself and ADD - need to get someone who's a bit better at analytical thinking to help. Divergent thinking is something I'm good at, but going around in circles sometimes doesn't get you very far.

I have been off Strattera for quite some time - and well, the focusing effect it had plateaued before that. Which made classes a bit hellish for me - trying to focus to learn and then my brain decides it's time to go into sleep mode. Couldn't even do activities for long that I even enjoy like EverQuest or other games. Made me miss the ability to focus, that's the truth.

But I finally got a doctor - who actually did something that leaves me puzzled for it was something that the military docs wouldn't do: prescribe me an ADD medication that is a stimulant. (I was on non-stimulants before - Strattera and Wellbutrin to be precise.) He prescribed me Vyvanse - which surprised me for it was a medication I haven't heard before. The medication has a high success rates for adults with ADD and results were seen with in the first week (to one report actually as little as 90 minutes!) Not to mention the drug company that makes Vyvanse has tips, etc. as well. (Shire is what makes Vyvanse by the way, just don't ask me why the above linked article misspelled the medication's name.) Well, Vyvanse made it's debut in 2008 from what I can tell from old Google; and while there are other stimulants that can be used to treat ADD besides the well-known Ritalin that is used for kids a lot but for some reason the military docs didn't want to prescribe one to me.

The rub though is this - it's the first day on this medication and my mind feels clearer then it used to be even when Strattera used to have its effects. But I have noticed that my poor brain still can't filter worth crap all the stimuli being shoved it's way - in my book there's no such animal called silence, since I lack the ability to block out what should be deemed background noise. (I know ADD tips usually say no to playing music, but music I have listened to upteenth times on a headset seems to help me focus better then trying to block out the laptop's fan, my fingers hitting the keyboard keys, the TV in the other room, and the hum of the air conditioner.) However choosing to focus on something I hope will be easier...or just need to get better carrots for difficult tasks...

But a lot of 'hmmm' to go around about that...for I have yet to find anything that states that stimulants are bad for the inattentive ADDer. Oh, by the way, (being blindsided here with a runaway thought) did you know psycharists have grouped ADD folks into 'six' categories? Found that pretty curious that I'm mostly a pooh type with piglet tendencies. ROFL (Interesting site, but finding their 'natural' treatment kind of iffy, if only due to the fact I have been on a similar diet before and found no improvement for me - lost weight, but still couldn't focus. Not to mention Heaven forbid I give up chocolate - one peice a week? *faints* I dunno about that for I gotta have my chocolate! Mostly I'm a good gal and stick with the dark chocolate.)

The more I research ADD, the more I tend to get irked when I come across a site that tends to cater to kids and not adults. Hallo, peoples, ADD is something you don't grow out of - and being undiagnosed and simply considered 'speshul' as a kid kind of sucked. For it seems the web is overflowing with kid related ADD issues then wonder why the myth is around that ADD is a 'child condition' I guess.

The other little fun tidbit is Friday that Josh and I are suppose to get the keys to our house FINALLY. It'll be interesting to say the least. Oooh, reminds me, for some serious snickers and grins, should post the 70's wallpaper and carpet here.

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