Friday, May 21, 2010

Spriting...'new' fun media for me.

I'll admit it. I've seen the neat things people have done with this art form - used in icons (old fashioned now) and console games. Finally yesterday I finally chomped down and tried it.

Using GraphicsGale, which I find refreshingly easier to use then some other programs which shall remain nameless I made my first sprite:

Now, just to finish sketching the body to get Sweet Tooth done. He's a dragon made of gummi and marshmellow candy, yet oddly enough I don't have any of such sweets around me. I need to make a mental note of that and get it corrected, after all, it would help a lot in ensuring accuracy, no? Not to mention a nice break from chocolate (minus the daily requirement).

I will admit spriting tends to be for those of meticulous natures - for the idea is to have every pixel the right color and for the color scheme to be 16 colors (for traditionalists anyhoo). I find it rather addicting actually...

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