Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Overcoming Inertia

(Not quite sure how to title this post, truth to be told, but it works.)

It started with me wanting to link a fansite of Dragon Eggs which I use to hatch mine (along with a few others). Then noticing the splash of lovely color on my monochrome settings, decided that I needed to make the headliner for those eggs were requesting some company. 

Now that I started linking my scroll and that one fansite, been wondering if I should link the other sites I visit and other interests. Wouldn't hurt, I guess, but I find it amusing like tugging on a loose thread on a sweater until realizing that I'm unraveling the garment. Um, oopsies...

I have been 'more or less' herded to a site to list anime that I've watched from someone I've met on Dragon Cave. Okay, not a problem really save for going downstairs and listing all the ones we have - and recalling the titles of the ones I watched while in taking Japanese in middle school. But to clarify, in Japanese class we watched the anime in Japanese with English subtitles as a way to get used to native speech. Josh prefers English only due to the fact he's not a very quick reader which isn't much of a rub for me either since I don't care to watch TV alone. I prefer to read, browse forums (okay, reading online), game (which requires some more reading), or doing art. 

Which brings me to the next phase...deviant art's website to host artwork. Wouldn't hurt, I suppose, probably do more good then harm - and be another little nudge to do more art, eh?

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