Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ah, work....

Okay, I somehow manage to enjoy work. I presume I retain some semblance of sanity due to a sarcastic and dry sense of humor. The constant barrage of sounds and almost persistent state of chaos is a constant source of distraction; somehow I manage the most of the time resuming the task I was doing 'fore I was needed elsewhere for the moment.

But the rub isn't all the tasks per se; I don't mind cleaning at all. In fact I used to hate doing the dishes (all of them have to be done by hand there's no spiffy washing machine like some establishments have) but actually now grew to like it. Minus the pain in my lower back from the sink being a little low for my height, the plus is it gets me away from customers. I tend to work faster when I have them organized too, and start off with a clean sink. Seems lately the ideal state to leave the sinks (and much of the workplace for that matter) is messy as it may get and give two figs about the oncoming shift at all. (They used to be worse, but still there are days, there are days.)

Really, I'll admit that does bake my noodle at times - not only due I have to get myself acclimated to the constant ruckus to get my bearings -  I have to now look at the 'It's-near-four-o'clock-THANK-GOD' pandemonium. Which often varies in intensity, really - depends on who's working. If it's the Boss or another co-worker  - I'll just call her Sassy - the storm is extremely mild; other times I honestly believe when three o'clock hits their minds shut down on anything past four o'clock and it shows very often.

I know day shift gets crazy. I'm not talking just insanely busy, I'm talking of a headless-chicken-running-on-a-hot-plate crazy - but so often I come in and they're not busy, no customers. So why couldn't they make sure things are  stocked and sweep up the little war on the floor? I know they were rooting for the jalapenos (or was it the lettuce this time?) but come on, they're not expecting the Broom Inquisition so it's best to drop it on them unawares.

I've previously mentioned some of my co-workers, but just to make it more rounded out here's a few more:

Boss: Make no mistake, she's friendly, very approachable, and knows practically everything related to work too. She's such a character it's a hoot to work for her. Very honest and an excellent manager in my opinion for she doesn't go on power trips. Heck no, for everyone (well almost) knows better. When Boss is happy all is pretty darn well.

Sassy: Takes no nonsense and gives none. Plenty of spunk to spare, she's known to raise hell with rude/nasty customers too. I can't blame her for taking action against the incredible entitlement some customers think they have either. (One former worker said we had the rudest customers she's seen and worked several Subways.) I tend to get along with her very well since she's also well versed in snark too.

Sunny:  She's opposite of me: she's very social, bubbly, and expressive. If I wanted to know the latest on the workplace rumor mill, she'd know it.She has a lot of energy too, but sometimes it's not directed towards the task at hand very efficiently. Her attempts to get snarky with me is fun for the details will prove to be sufficient ammo for me snarking back. (Details, Sunny, details - general idea will always get screwed over if the details don't line up first.)

More to come, for I gotta get up in a few - getting herded off to bed by my dog and she has spouse support to boot.

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