Thursday, August 4, 2011

Busy lately? How'd you guess?!?

Okay, granted, it's not that bad yet - but these days definitely make me feel that sentiment often. It's probably one of the reasons why I haven't been blogging is that I've been busy. Well, I do realize that's an excuse that's been used by a lot of people often to ad nauseum let's explore, shall we?

I am if I can cross my T's and dot my I's (and not the other way around) I can be graduating from Art Institute Online in late September. Wow. It's a big milestone to wrap my head around. I think I threw my instructor a monkey wrench when he realized my biggest passion in game design is writing. I think I can do the 3D Modeling without too much of an hassle, but let's own up to it - I like writing stories and my imagination's pretty vivid, so why not pursue an angle that fits me? (It also fits me in a different way: writers tend to be the unsung heroes in game design.)

Work tends to be okay, with Thursday being my favorite day so far - Truck day! Yes, I know I'm not normal. I actually finding dating boxes, sorting them, stacking them up in a long cart to play Tetris in the freezer then the refrigerator fun. Then I work on fixing up the storage room and making sure it's 'just right' since dayshift usually has time to open boxes to nab what's needed but putting things away with the truck date on them isn't something they have time to do. Y'know they're responsible for prepping the food, most of the huge orders happen during that time, and general chaos. But it doesn't excuse them from all the side work in my opinion. Heh!

There's naturally other things, like friends, gaming (Perfect World International), and my hobbies. I enjoy beading, and oddly enough I think I'm pretty decent with it. Bead loom, peyote stitch, general designs, yup, I do that pretty well.

Drawing hasn't taken a backseat either with me finally getting a new tablet. I'm almost finished with the dragon I'm working on in Corel Painter IX. All I got to say with Corel that the same tactic applies with Photoshop - layering is your friend. Therefore when there's a 'oops' you don't erase everything - or need to tweak, tweak the corresponding layer - not the entire nine yards.

I'll try to be a little more active here. If not feel free to ready the wet noodles for flogging, 'kay? LOL

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  1. Wet noodle flogging eh? lol I got a visual of Josh chasing you with a handful of spaghetti noodles.

    I didn't know truck day was your favorite day, I thought it urked you. But now I see you like the truck day part, just the other employees urk you on truck day.