Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Awkwardness much?

I love Nightwish, but it's a crime they make Marco's singing a treat but at least it could be said Tuomas offsets it with awesome songs.  I linked this song to a friend who couldn't be more country if she tried - and probably gave her a culture shock of sorts.  Probably would explain why she didn't reply back... Just a bit of awkwardness from a scattered idea to send the link on Facebook. Yup, and not a good explanation either I'd reckon.

Well, her relationship with her boyfriend seems to be always as Sting once put it in The Book Of My Life (Album: Sacred Love), "There's a chapter on love where the ink's never dry". When she used to be a co-worker (honest to God co-worker, not a co-irker like some I've known) when he stop by it would make her so happy - and somehow made my day better knowing a friend had her day made better too. They seem to know the secret well on how to keep love new, hence why I thought of them when I heard this song.

I never heard her have drama with him - unlike other people I've worked with. Which seems to only make the day more bleh, but there's a little comfort that at least they felt better by being able to tell someone how they feel.  But anyhoo...
I got a post in the works about the profits to be had for actually disciplining children - seems to be needed by someone I know (*cough* *cough* my dad *cough* *cough*) who thinks letting two girls on the precipice of adolescence to do whatever they want and getting what's their heart's fancy's good for them.  Since he tends to be of the 'money's the bottom line' type to a very depressing degree -  think this post is needed. Just need to do some more research, or rope in another sister who likes researching much as me to get some details fleshed out.


My friend did get back to me - turns out that Facebook was really SLOW. She likes the song too. WHEW!

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