Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Poem For My Mother

It is curious, to say the least. Last week I was half-joking with my Aunt about writing a letter to my father (of whom I stopped talking to in order to keep myself out of a nasty cycle of depression) to let him know what I feel about his behavior. Monday morning instead of going to bed at 4 AM (I'm a night owl) I went to bed at 7 AM for I couldn't get to sleep for I had it stuck in my head and had to write it down.

I Am My Mother's Daughter
             By Misty Ginder

If by chance we should meet
   there is a detail your mind must keep
I am my mother's daughter

Growing up, quality time with me went unsought
   for I was not a boy is what I was taught
I am my mother's daughter

Mother painted you as the father I wanted to see
  as time wore on, revealed hypocrisy
Truth revealed in secrets with no laughter
Remembered, for I am my mother's daughter

You made home no sanctuary, a prison
   Mother a captive, your wife the reason
Over the years, witnessed her dignity's slaughter
I am my mother's daughter

Her possessions not hers, up for your taking
  treasures broken, dreams never wakening
Her desires met with cruel jokes and disaster
Remembered, for I am my mother's daughter

She finally left her body, sick often from your oppression
  your actions source of depression
You never honored her in life and shan't ever-after
But I will, for I am my mother's daughter

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