Friday, February 1, 2013

Night Owls Don't Change Feathers Easily...

Guess I can safely say I'm a night owl and been an night owl for too long to easily switch; even with melatonin, there's no guarantee I'll go to sleep so I'm rested enough to wake up like a morning lark. Which I did not realize or appreciate until yesterday, when I did truck for the first time in months - getting up at 8 AM with barely an hour's rest after a night of insomnia was brutal.

After I got finished showing that I still had Tetris skills getting a lot of inventory into a small space, I was tired. Well, using the word tired is a major understatement, for I came to work tired - exhausted would be more apt.  Quite often I wondered what the heck/how the heck I was going to squirrel an item somewhere, there was quite a few changes that occurred since I did it last!

I mentioned to my boss how sleep deprived I was and she was like, "Well, you knew..." Yeah, I knew all right but my biological clock didn't get the memo. Ugh.  She wasn't nasty about it but she shook her head after I explained that I had indeed tried to get enough sleep beforehand but my body didn't cooperate.

Night owls I guess stay night owls - shedding those feathers to be a morning lark isn't easily done!

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