Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's been going on...

Figures. I sit down and finally look at the web addy for my blog and realize that I can't spell. So go through the rigmarole to get that fixed.

A lot has happened since I blogged and looking back it's a lot. My husband's medically retired, we moved from Maryland to Swamp East Missouri, went house hunting, and actually did find a house. Get the keys for it later this month and then it's DIY time for us...which might be a lot easier on me then the whole planning color schemes for the rooms. Yeah, might not
get any sympathy from some folks, but after living nearly ten years with walls of flat white paint getting the color wheel thrown at me and told to choose is traumatizing. (Well, the color wheel was not literally thrown at me, but figuratively speaking!) Yes, I said "is" not "was" for I still have to figure out my computer room and I think yesterday finally figured out the colors for the bedroom. Kitchen's Josh's domain and that's more or less figured out too...let's see here, then there's his room (I don't have to fuss with that one), the sitting room upstairs, and the huge living room downstairs with a fireplace to boot.

While we're waiting to get the keys so we can rip up that fugly wallpaper and shag/sheepdog shag carpet (to be fair there was non-shag in the bathrooms and kitchen but ugh) and modernize the house a bit. It was well taken care of, but never left the groovy '70's!

Currently making sure Patty, Josh's mom, is getting prerequisite filled for being a saint for having us live with her in the mean time. Granted we're not terribly messy, we do help out with the chores - but still I think we're all used to our own 'place'. I know Patty's cat, Smokey, was in shock for a while, but now I think she likes Akachan...just well enough to flatten her ears, hiss, spit, growl/yowl, and take a swipe at her. She doesn't hide in the corner now...and Akachan is still trying to get a friendly sniff in every now and then. Akachan doesn't push her luck, and well, Smokey doesn't seem to mind giving her vocal cords a work out either. It's pretty amusing stuff at times. (Picture: Smokey in her basket.)

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