Monday, May 10, 2010

Losing the war against inanimate objects...

Yesterday at work I was taking so long doing the task at hand my coworker was looking at me puzzled. I explained, "Losing the war against inanimate objects." She shook her head and grinned. I am a klutz which is pretty much par for me due to having very good fine motor control, but sorry gross motor control in general. (I can draw very well and have decent hand-eye coordination; first and last dance I ever went to my boyfriend at the time had spent most of the time rolling on the floor laughing with tears streaming down his face at my attempts to dance.) 

I'll admit, I find the food handling gloves a royal pain to use sometimes - have just smidgen damp hands and the gloves will catch; next size up is not going to help either. Add to the fact that trying to pull them past the 'catch' will cause those flimsy things to rip, and no wonder I usually tell the customers to give me a minute as I wash my hands so I can dry them enough to put on the gloves. (Trust me, I've tried just 'drying' my hands - doesn't work. Grr!)

My class currently in college is driving me a bit bonkers too. Well, to back it up a bit, I did start two classes but had to drop out of one due to the fact the class in question was no place to start learning about the software...and when I voiced this to my academic counselor she said I should have learned it in another class. Oddly enough that software was never covered when I was in that class so now is the time for me to um, nab a beginner's book on the software and teach myself so I don't have this cuss fest waiting to happen again. Sadly enough though due to frustration in that class, I was doing poorly in both, and I'll be lucky if I can pass the class I'm currently in.

I think part of it may be due to the fact I am getting burned out - work, school, house makeover going on, and drama (I got some serious drama llamas in my family) it was only a matter of time 'fore I need to take a break from one of them. Well, it seems taking a semester off school is what's on the schedule and hope with the time off I can learn the software and be less stressed when I take the class again.

Guess I'll blog later once my thoughts get in resemblance of order for they're beginning to fray due to needing to sleep.

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  1. poor misty :( Hope things look up soon!! At least you'll get to see US soon!! *grin* And I love the new blog look :)